We believe everyone should have
access to equitable opportunities. 

In addressing this, we are guided by a vision of building equitable communities: a world in which all individuals have opportunities to build an equitable life.

Our Approaches

We believe philanthropists should take an active role in their own mission, and not just be primarily grant makers. At CoNimby® impact isn’t a buzz word, it’s the backbone of our community development efforts.


Robert Farris


Robert Farris, Ed.D. is a philantropreneur who has founded over a 100+ organizations to better serve disadvantaged communities and populations. His positions and titles include the following:

Dr. Farris is Chairman of CoNimby® Foundation, a private family foundation focused on community development.

CoNimby Funds

Dr. Farris is the founder and General Partner of CoNimby Funds, a portfolio of community development funds focused on creating equitable employment opportunities and building diverse neighborhoods. CoNimby Funds manages CoNimby Brands, CoNimby Homes, Ohio eSports, Ohio Impact Partners, and other organizations that support its community development efforts.

Ohio Education Foundation

Dr. Farris is the founder and Chairman of The Ohio Education Foundation, with a mission of Advancing equitable educational opportunities. The Ohio Education Foundation manages The Ohio Education Trust, which establishes 529 college plans for children of parents who are at or below the federal poverty rate at the time of application.

Women’s Foundation of Ohio

Dr. Farris is the founder of The Women’s Foundation of Ohio, with a mission of operating equitable opportunities for women. The Women’s Foundation of Ohio operates a portfolio of programs including: Hygiene for Homeless, the Fashion Association of Ohio, among others.

Dr. Farris is a United States Marines Corps veteran with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, a Masters in Management, and a Doctor of Education from Nova Southeastern University.