Conimby, Inc., is the parent and sponsor of CoNimby Foundation, The Women’s Foundation of Ohio, The Ohio Education Foundation, Ohio eSports, and other organizations.


We believe everyone deserves access to equitable opportunities.

In addressing this, we are guided by a vision of building equitable communities: a world in which all people have access to equitable opportunities.

We foster community development by using gap research to build equitable organizations.


Robert Farris, Ed.D 

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Robert Farris, Ed.D is Chairman and CEO of CoNimby®, Inc.

Dr. Farris is the founder of CoNimby Foundation, The Ohio Education Foundation, The Women’s Foundation of Ohio, and it’s affiliated organizations. 

Dr. Farris is a United States Marines Corps veteran with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, a Masters in Management, and a Doctor of Education from Nova Southeastern University.