August Annihilation

Fighting Game Tournament by Ohio eSports, LLC

WHEN: August 17, 2019 – Noon

WHERE: Fricker’s North College Hill 1580 Goodman Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45224


Early Bird – $20 5/15/20019 – 6/1/19

Regular Player – $30 6/2/19 – 7/15/19

Last Call – $50 7/16/19 – 8/16/19


TOURNAMENT DETAILS: Injustice 2 (PS4) • 1v1 • 2/3 Matches • 3/5 Matches Grand Finals • Double Elimination Https://

PAYOUTS: 16 players or more – 70/20/10 Payout, 12 to 15 players – 80/20 Payout, 11 or less – Winner Take All Payout

EVENT AND STREAM SCHEDULE: The Event/Stream Schedule will be provided closer to the event.

POOL ASSIGNMENTS & BRACKETS: Will be posted and made public after pre-registration ends.

VOLUNTEERS: • All volunteers must complete an application. Volunteers must pre-register online. • Staff Meetings are mandatory. If you don’t check in, you will not receive a refund.

SPONSORS: If you’re interested in being a sponsor for August Annihilation, please contact CoNimby at

THE COMMUNITY No matter your skill level, we want all enthusiasts to feel at home. We encourage the community to hang out with us during monthlies to make it as much of a meetup as it is a tournament. We’ll also be rolling out community rewards.

About Us

Ohio eSports, LLC (OES) is a championship series specializing in competitive fighting game tournaments, and enthusiasts outreach. OES will host fighting game tournaments, and an annual champion tournament to bring enthusiast together through a shared love and appreciation for competitive fighting games and the culture around them.

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