Conimby launches Conimby Wealth

Conimby launches Conimby Wealth to assist with closing the wealth gap.

Conimby Wealth was founded from years of research into wealth inequality and the racial wealth gap. Conimby Wealth is Conimby answer to the question. How can we combat wealth inequality and close the racial wealth gap?

To assist with combatting wealth inequality and closing the wealth gap, Conimby has launched Conimby Wealth, a low-cost subscription-based wealth planning-only service to guide the masses on their wealth journey.

As planning for retirement is not a realistic goal for many, our goal at Conimby Wealth is simply to guide communities on their wealth building journey to becoming financially secure. We are not planning for the typical retirement 2-4% withdrawal rate, as many will continue to work throughout their lives. We simply want to guide our communities to build a wealthy life and that’s what we are going for at Conimby Wealth.

At Conimby Wealth we offer a low-cost wealth planning-only subscription service for $1 a month. No aum fees, no commissions. We aren’t looking to sell anything. We are only here to educate and guide others on their wealth journey.

The wealth gap among upper-income families and low-income families is rising and growing more rapidly than the income inequality gap, according to the Pew Research. (Horowitz, et al., 2020)

“It is my belief that even though we all have difference definitions of what wealth is, that we can all live a financially secure lifestyle and build wealth for our families and future generations to come,” said Dr Farris, CEO of Conimby and founder of Conimby Wealth.

Conimby Wealth will be registered with the proper regulatory agencies to assure the community’s best interest. For more information and to learn more about when Conimby Wealth will launch please visit:

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