CoNimby® Magazine

CoNimby® Magazine is a publication geared toward disseminating information about foundation activities across all organizations. Our platforms include print (ISSN: 2641-032X), and an online digital version (ISSN: 2641-0338) published at:

In addition to featured articles written by our staff, CoNimby® Magazine welcomes outside contributions. These contributed articles may be published in print, online, or both. Due to the multidisciplinary of the magazine’s readership, articles should be written to be readable and useful to all readers. Suggested length is up to 1,000 words. Graphics, tables, and photos are encouraged but not required. If included, images must be high-resolution and include a caption and photo credit.

All articles should be original to the CoNimby® Magazine and not been previously published elsewhere. They cannot promote a company or its products/services, but can focus on its contribution to the community development; basically how the company has helped spur employment, economic development, and created impact. 

Authors must obtain all necessary approvals and release from their organization and affiliated partners prior to submission. If images or illustrations were published previously, the author must obtain written permission for re-publication prior to submission.

To submit an article

Email articles not exceeding 1,000 words to Subject: Article Title


We purchase articles focused on community development, economic development, capacity building, women issues, minority issues, impact investing, and any other topics comparable to our mission. Payment is made upon acceptance. All articles are subjected to rigorous editing.


All published articles are copyrights by CoNimby® Foundation and may only be used for other purposes with written approval of CoNimby® Foundation. You are encouraged to create a link from your website to the online version of your articles, but you may not copy the article onto your site without permission from CoNimby® Foundation.