Future of work

By Anna Benedict

Work is a universal concept that comes with the need to earn a means of livelihood. Work, family and leisure are important aspects of everyday life and as such people always crave to create a balance for their optimum well being. Nevertheless, the nature of work is rapidly changing and has been impacted by several disruptions targeted at the workforce. This trend was driven by the socioeconomic and demographic indices which are offshoots of urbanization, globalization and greater advancement in technology. Global Organizations such as the MIT and the World Bank focus on setting up initiatives to understand the job evolution while handling a major question-How can over 7 million people fulfill their potential through the right utilization and development of talent.

New technologies enhance the possibilities of creating new industries and jobs if properly harnessed. So, technology can support human labour instead of displacing employees. It could also improve job quality, work productivity, and boost the performance of staff with disabilities.  Automation technology such as Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in the workplace play a significant role in defining the jobs of the future by changing the kinds of work being done in existing jobs.

Robust policies, standards, and groundbreaking business principles that improves economic security and quality work is necessary to maximize the potentials of technology. It entails establishing an extensive coalition of workers and their proponents, the private sector, and people who make policies across the different tiers of government to birth ideas and promote action. Additionally, it would involve leadership from strong organizations concentrated on inflating the power of workers.

Workers in organizations need the right aptitude to correctly learn new skills and apply same while performing their tasks. People in leadership positions within organizations should ensure all employees are given the right orientation concerning the benefits of advanced technologies in the workplace.