CoNimby Funds

Why settle for average?

We offer our Partners a single, diversified, actively managed community development solution. Partnering with us is the smartest and simplest way to achieve your social responsible goals.

With a single Partnership Account you impact sustainable employment, economic growth, poverty, equitable housing, social justice issues, environmental issues, gender equality, sustainable communities, equitable healthcare, education equity, and more actionable goals.

Unlike other community development, and impact investment managers, we don’t neglect our backyard. By operating through a worker owned cooperative and allowing worker owners to acquire shares in unit developments, we put ourselves on the front lines of sustainable impact.

Key understandings

  • We operate through a worker owned cooperative driven by cooperative values that put worker and community benefits at the core of our purpose. The two central characteristics of our worker cooperative are: (1) worker-owners invest in and own the business together, and it distributes surplus to them and, (2) decision-making is democratic, adhering to the general principle of one share-one vote.
  • We provide equitable compensation to worker owners that consist of competitive hourly pay, cooperative share ownership, and opportunities to acquire shares in unit developments.
  • Our funds also collectively own subsidiaries, which in turn makes them the parent company through subsidiary equity ownership. Subsidiary assets and revenues are distributed equally to each fund quarterly to assure cash flow for continued development.
  • 49% of equity in unit developments is available to be acquired by worker owners, allowing them the opportunity to directly participate in job creation and job growth opportunities within their own communities.

Portfolio partnerships

Consultant: CoNimby LLP

General Partner: CoNimby GP, LLC

Management: CoNimby Cooperative

National Partner: Impact Partners

Charity Partner: Women’s Foundation

Marketing: Ohio Media and Marketing Association

Administrator: Cooperative Personnel Administration Center



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