Podcast is going live!

The All Things CoNimby Podcast is going live by switching to Facebook Live starting soon.

We are transitioning to the live streaming podcast format to make the podcast more interactive and to connect on a more direct level with our audience. We will then post the audio of the live stream podcast as an episode for the audio format.

All Things CoNimby is a podcast that focuses on community development and all things CoNimby.

CoNimby is a worker-owed community development company with more than 100 companies.

All proceeds from the podcast support The Women’s Foundation of Ohio, @WFOhio; and The Ohio Education Foundation @EducationOhio.

Follow the All Things CoNimby Podcast over on CoNimby Foundation’s facebook page at: www.facebook.com/CoNimby

100+ companies, 100% worker-owned

Look forward to seeing everyone there

Robert Farris, Ed.D